Friday, May 3, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Ok. I admit it. I suck. It has been nearly 10 months since I have blogged. SO much has happened - and not that it's an excuse, but ... a lot has happened.

* I lost my job @ Goodyear. I was there almost 6 years and was blindsided by a layoff. What? This can NOT be happening to me. I was suddenly unemployed and freaking. Thankfully, I landed a pretty sweet job within two weeks, and it's half the drive!

* I started school. Yes, I am finally finishing my degree. I will be getting my Business Administration - Human Resources Management degree ... oh ... sometime in the next year. I am only taking one class at a time for now because of all the life changes I am going through. I currently have a 96% in the class - finishing my final this weekend! Fingers crossed for an A+.

* Mason is potty trained. This child potty trained at 25 months! I was blown away and oh so happy! He is still in a pullup at night, but he has been 100% trained for months! YAY for no diapers! He is talking up a storm and starting pre-school next month. Mase can count to ten! Where is time going ? My sweet little, last baby, is in preschool.

* Easton is such a bright little boy. He starts Pre-Kindergarten next month. Yes, that is correct. Pre-K. Holy crap. He is such a big boy with his own personality - and I know all parents say this, but he is incredibly smart. He can spell things - He can write his name without anyone telling him which letters are involved. He can write all of his letters and count to 50 - He knows so many things - school has been wonderful! He tells me facts about animals and the weather - it's crazy. He just started Karate last night, I think this will be very good for him!

* The boys are obsessed with TMNT now ! I mean, TMNT was cool when I was a kid - it brings back so many memories!

* Jason is still travelling every week - being amazing at his job, and being a great daddy. :) He plays hockey every Sunday - still the best man on the ice!

Here are some pics, I will make sure to update more frequently :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Months ... oops!

How do months go by, without even feeling like it has been 2 weeks?

Welcome to another edition of ... oops, I forgot to tell the world about my kids and show pictures! Here is 4 months worth of the Easton and Mason show!  :)

Since March we have done a lot and learned a lot. We have been to Arizona to see our family, and my dad has come to visit the kids! Easton has played Hockey, Baseball and Soccer. Both boys tried out gymnastics and grown into even bigger terrors (if it's possible?)

Easton -
Easton is growing to be quite the little man. While he can still be a terror, he is much better about listening and doing as he is asked. It is much easier to take him places without worry he will run away and be crazy! He is in pre-school, learning more and more every day. Pre-K is only a few months away - how did that happen? Aside from the usual ABC's, counting to 20, reading letter & number flashcards, he is a master puzzle-putter-together, loves to help mommy 'cook', and a fierce protector of his brother.

The last few months have been pretty sports heavy. We have done 2 rounds of Hockey, 2 rounds of Soccer and 1 round of Baseball. Yes, 3 activities a week. Yikes - it certainly takes a lot of time, but is more than worth it. As it looks right now, he is the best at soccer. He really gets the concept of kicking the ball, scoring goals and doing the drills with his coaches. He is also a super fast runner! Hockey is a hard one, and we don't expect him to be a superstar over night. Heck, I am still terrible at ice skating! He can stand up on his skates, throw a bean bag and shuffle/skate over to it, and bend down to pick it up / stand back up. We will continue Hockey every other month until he is ready for Mighty Mites. Baseball is going well - Easton loves to hit the ball and run the bases. The only hurdle we might have is that he hits lefty & throws rightie. How does that happen?

Mason -
Mason is a hurricane. He instigates most of the mischief him and his brother get into, and is so cute you can't stay upset with him! You always know which part of the house he has been through though. He certainly likes to make a mess. Mase has been in the toddler room at Kindercare for a little over a month, and is growing by leaps and bounds. You can ask where his eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears and head is - and he will point to it.

Mason is for sure a little charmer. He bats his eyelashes and it makes you forget about him causing such a mess, or hitting his brother. I can't wait for him to start talking more - the conversations between these two boys is already hilarious !

Arizona -
We booked a trip to Arizona to surprise Shayna for her graduation. Of course, after I booked everything - the date changed. We still got to spend 6 days with everyone, which was really nice. We got to see the Phoenix Zoo, swim, play with Jacob & Noah, and go to a train park. It was so cute to see the boys all playing with eachother, they really had so much fun with their cousins!

I knew Arizona was hot, but holy crap - it was REALLY hot. And that was in MAY! There is no way we would survive the summers there! Having the kids and trying to stick to their schedules made it a little tough to do everything we wanted. We couldn't hang out at Shayna's house all day, or stay late because of nap / bed times. The 3 hour time difference was pretty rough on the kids, so we tried to keep their routines intact.

For Mother's Day, I organized a party for our family. We had Shayna, Jason & the kids, Sari, Auntie Idie, Scotty, Kim & Alexia, Auntie Cindy, Karri, Dallas & the kids come to the clubhouse at Sari's condo. I got a bunch of food and we all spent a few hours playing in the pool - that was SO nice to just hang out with everyone!

The boys certainly miss their Bubbe, Auntie Shay, Uncle Jason and cousins Jacob and Noah :(

Let me tell ya, travelling with two toddlers is a nightmare! That certainly won't be happening again anytime soon! lol

Grandpa Visits -
My dad came and visited two weeks after we got back from Arizona. It was a normal visit - the kids loved playing with grandpa, running around outside with him and riding bikes with him.

We took the kids to Amish country to a wild animal park where a horse drawn carriage took us on an hour ride through the woods. We saw (and got to feed!) llamas, buffalo, long horn cattle, deer, wildebeest, and may other neat animals.

I think grandpa is planning another visit to come see the boys here soon - I'm sure it will be a great time!

I will update more later, but for now - here are some pics from Arizona, and other activities!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pictures & Family Update!

Not a whole lot of new is going on in the Abbey household. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we have had many opportunities to play outside and enjoy the sun.

Quick Brag  - Jason and I ran in a 4 mile race on March 17th. Neither of us had ever continuously ran that far. We rocked that race. We finished in 34 minutes, 20 seconds - which is (in my opinion) AWESOME! We averaged a 8:30 mile - I know many people do much faster, but this was a huge achievement for us!!

Easton: Easton loves the role of 'big brother'. He is there to help Mason get up on the couch, he is there to tell Mason 'It's okay Mase, I'm right here' if his baby brother is crying, and he is there to tell Mason when he is doing something wrong. Ha! Pre-school is going well for Easton, he is learning new things daily - and thoroughly enjoys his teacher and friends. 

Mason: Tornado. This child is a tornado. Mason is into everything, and destroys everything! He is learning new words daily. As of now, we have:
Mama, Dada, Dog, Bye bye, Hi, All done, More, No, What's that - and a few more that I can't seem to think of right now. :)

We have exciting news! Easton starts Hockey tonight! Well, the Mighty Mites season starts in October - but all summer Easton will be learning how to ice skate, use his stick, and hit the pick. The Mighty Mites Coach has his young boys enrolled at our Kindercare, so thats exciting :)
Making CARS cookies with mommy

Just hanging around

And cuddles
Time to cruise 

Getting ready for ni night